John & Mike at Speedy Chef

Barbara says, “My John Norman spent many a high school evening at Speedy Chef. He talks about how his two best friends in high school and he dated Elkin girls. Speedy Chef was our go to place.”

Today brothers John and Mike manage this favorite Elkin eatery that dates to 1961, selling an estimated 3,000 hot dogs a week. The boys recall growing up working with their parents and their strong work ethic…everything was made and still is fresh, hot and made to order. Their father stayed open late at night because he said the factory workers on a late shift did not
need to go to bed hungry.

Footlong or Short at Speedy Chef

“Customers prefer a red pork/chicken hot with Speedy Chef’s lightly toasted bun,” says John. Menu tip, coming soon is another option of an
all beef hot dog.

For dessert be sure to try an in-house made ice cream sandwich!
Cash only with an ATM on site.
Speedy Chef
685 North Bridge St, Elkin
Monday- Friday 10a to 10p
Sunday 10a to 10p

You’ll find more delicious Hot Dogs in the July-August issue!