Bear Creek Candy Kitchen

Just say the magic word…chocolate!

As part of their business, Steve and Jerry travel a lot as they attend gift store trade shows all over the country. One of the things that caught their eye was that towns like Gatlinburg all had strong candy stores. And who doesn’t like candy, whether you are a tourist or a local. That idea simmered for quite awhile until last year when they were able to buy their store building which turned them loose to start remodeling the space.

Designing and rebuilding the store, they took out old counters, opened the space up and as Gomer would say, Shazam, there is now one taste tempting candy store inside of Bear Creek Gifts.

It’s not just prepackaged candy, it’s candy they make in the store’s new gourmet kitchen. Not to be content with the 34 varieties of truffles, they keep designing more candies from peanut butter cups to chocolate buckeyes. There’s also the chocolate strawberries they make every week that quickly sell out.

Seasonal gift boxes were mentioned, now that sounds like something you’ll want to put on Santa’s list.

Made from a secret recipe, Bear Creek’s signature Southern
Pralines are hard to make, but good to eat!
Popcorn anyone? Fresh and delicious including their own caramel popcorn

Bear Creek Gifts & Candy Kitchen
165 N. Main Street Mount Airy

Monday -Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-6 • Saturday 8-6
Sunday 9-3